Frequently Asked Questions

1. Topping the list currently is: 

"How do I download the Registration form?

Answer: If you click on the tab "Registration" the page will open with a link to the .pdf file. click on the image and the registration form will open. At present, the form cannot be filled out online. However, you can print it out (2 sides) and then, fill it out, sign and return it (with all fees) to the address given on the front of the form.

Alternate solution: Simply Email me, and ask for a Registration form and I will email it back to you. Easy right?

2. Members Page:

The advantage of joining the site is that G.O.W.  will have your current e-mail address and we can contact you regarding any important issues or changes regarding our festival. We DO NOT share your e-mail, period!  -- Mike N.